Natural Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender grows mainly in the mountainous regions of southern France, and because of the different altitudes at which it grows, it is divided into the following major species.

LAVENDER Lavandula angustifolia Altitude 800-1200 ft.
LAVANDINLavandula hybridaAltitude 500 ft.
SPIKE LAVENDERLavandula latifoliaAltitude 200-600 ft.

Real Lavender 2021-02-26 is one of the commonly used oils in aromatherapy, it is a versatile oil that has been widely used since ancient times, it is also known as Alpine Lavender. It is also known as alpine lavender, and is a blend of true lavender and spikenard lavender, which is more resistant and productive, and has a more stimulating scent, making it less expensive. Spike lavender grows on flatter ground.



H. REYNAUD & FILS Lavender Oil

H. REYNAUD & FILS produces lavender oil, which is distilled from the best lavender each year, and in addition to the three familiar types mentioned above, the following two additional types are available for consumers to choose from.


The full name of BP is "British Pharmacopoeia" which means British Pharmacopoeia. Its scent and function is better than that of ordinary real lavender.


AOP is a French system that defines the place of production, the method of manufacture, and the quality of the product. To qualify for the AOP, the product must pass a rigorous review of the place of production, the method of manufacture and other conditions. Alpes.