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Privacy statement

Our company (H. REYNAUD & FILS (FE)) is committed to protecting your privacy. This statement will describe the company's collection, processing, use, storage, transmission and disclosure of your personal information. By providing your personal data, you agree that the company has the right to process your personal data. By using the company's website, you agree to the company's collection, processing, disclosure and/or use of your personal data in accordance with the following policies.

Identification, collection and use of personal data

When you visit our website, our web server will only identify your domain name and will not collect your email address or any information that can be used for identification. Unless you log in to the restricted access area of the website, or voluntarily provide your personal information (such as questionnaire information, website registration information, name and address, telephone number, fax number, payment information, etc.), your visit will be anonymous. different. The company may also anonymously collect aggregate information or user-specific information about web pages visited by you and other consumers, or any business-related information voluntarily provided by consumers.

The purpose of the company's collection of information is to enhance your service experience through various channels. These main ways include: improving web content; customizing web content and layout for individual visitors; and notifying consumers when the website is updated. The company will only disclose the personal information collected in the following circumstances: to cooperate with the investigations legally required by government units; to prove or ensure that the company complies with policies or other applicable laws governing the company’s website; to protect the company’s website from abuse or Unauthorized use. Some members are authorized to browse the order records, names and addresses of their downline members or customers, but only the necessary customer service staff can obtain your payment information for order fulfillment. The company will never provide your payment information to any third party for any reason, except when cooperating with legal investigations in response to relevant laws and regulations. The company may obtain your ID number or business registration number when you register as a member. This information will only be provided at the request of the tax authority and will not be provided to anyone for any other purpose.

Personal information

The company will ask you to provide personal information under certain circumstances, including when you visit the company's website, register an account, order products, or participate in the company's promotional activities. The company must obtain your consent before collecting your personal information. This information may include your contact information, receiving address, identification, payment information or other account information, sales history, and your visit to this account under login status. The page viewed during the company website.

Use of personal information

The company will only use your personal information for the purposes declared at the time of data collection. These purposes include confirming your identity, providing you with services, completing transactions you created (and fulfilling orders), responding to your questions, and providing you with Introduce services (including services provided by related units of the company or third parties), and improve the company’s business.

The company may also use your personal data in situations permitted by applicable laws, such as responding to emergencies or assisting in the investigation of illegal acts.

You can contact the company at any time through the phone number or email provided at the top of this article to withdraw your permission. If you refuse to provide our company with your personal information, our company may not be able to provide you with services or respond to your comments or questions. In addition, you may not be able to enjoy the services provided on our website.

Use of cookies

In order to enhance your web browsing experience, our website will collect a series of brief relevant information when you visit, called "Cookies". The company uses cookies to store visitor preferences, such as the items in the shopping cart, to provide you with a better personalized website experience. You can modify the settings of your web browser to prevent websites from collecting cookies, but this may affect your browsing experience. If you want to prevent the website from collecting cookies, you can go to the "Help" page of your browser to read the instructional steps to turn off this feature.

Publish and transmit

The company will only provide your personal information to the outside when it has obtained your permission or is required by applicable laws. For example, the company may provide your personal data in the following situations: when requested by government units to assist in investigations; receiving subpoenas, court orders or search tickets; for detecting, preventing and suppressing fraud; exercising legal rights; responding to possible endangering of the lives of others, Health or personal safety emergency. The company may also provide your personal information to others in the event of a business merger, reorganization, sale or change of control within the scope permitted by law.

From time to time, the company must transmit your personal information to third-party service providers, including financial institutions responsible for processing payments, and other units that assist the company in providing products, services and membership management. The company requires the above-mentioned third parties to protect your personal data in accordance with the content of this privacy statement. By using the company's website, you agree to the company's provision of your personal information to third-party service providers.

The company may provide members with specific information about their downline members and customers, including order records, names and addresses. Other non-essential personal information, such as payment information or government-issued documents, are kept strictly confidential by the company.


The company will ask you whether you agree to receive e-mail advertisements and other related information. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the email, or contact the company through the information provided on this website.

Please note that even if you have chosen not to receive marketing information from our company, our company may still contact you for other reasons, such as other information that you have agreed to accept, information about membership, or reply to your queries.
If you have any requirements for the company, please be sure to provide accurate contact information during the contact process, so that the company can more accurately meet your needs.

Information security and retention

The company protects the personal information controlled by the company through appropriate organizational, technological and physical protection methods. We understand that your personal data may contain confidential content, such as your financial information. To this end, the company has adopted various appropriate and stable protections. For example, our company will transfer your connection to a secure server when sending or receiving financial information online, and all personal information is stored in a secure electronic and physical file format. In addition, the company has also adopted various security protection measures, including storage devices coexisting inside and outside the company, various password protocols, encryption software and security protection software, and restrict personnel access to data processing equipment.

Your personal information will only be retained by the company until its necessary purpose is achieved. The company will destroy and delete personal information that is no longer needed. However, relevant laws may require the company to retain partial or complete personal information for longer than the company needs.

Third-party advertisers

The company does not have any special relationship with any advertising service company.

Changes to the privacy statement

The company may use customer information beyond expectations from time to time, and for purposes not included in the privacy statement. If the company's information processing methods are changed in the future, the changes will be posted on the company's website. The new purpose only applies to the data collected after the policy change. If you have any doubts about the use of personal information, please check on our company's website regularly.

If customers want to prevent their personal information from being used for purposes other than those originally stated, they can call or send a request to the company via email or physical mail. The company’s contact information is available at this website.

Error information correction

You have the right to correct the wrong information that our company saves about you. If you want to correct any incorrect information that our company saves about you, please contact our customer service department through the phone number provided on this website.

Site security measures

In terms of website security, our company will transfer visitors to a secure server when sending or receiving certain types of confidential information. The company’s physical facilities have also adopted appropriate security measures to protect the information you provide on the company’s website from loss, abuse or alteration.

Corporate responsibility

If you believe that our website does not comply with the above information policy, you are welcome to report to our company through the email address or phone number provided on this website.